A board game about making a movie in the industry.

LENS is a resource-based board game that addresses sexism and misogyny during film production. Players must invest “effort” to get their ideas heard despite gender and power imbalances.

Film production is an exhausting creative process undertaken by a large team, and sometimes creative ideas and input aren’t always immediately adopted. 

LENS addresses two concepts of sexism and misogyny during film production. The first is the gender imbalance of getting one’s ideas heard and adopted, represented by the “effort” cost of using a job’s abilities. ​

The second (though not specific to the film industry) is the request/demand mechanic. We could define misogyny as a sense of entitlement men feel to demand certain “goods” from women, though the inverse is not true.


LENS illustrates this phenomenon through actions afforded to each player's in-game persona. If they currently hold a male persona,  the player can demand an exchange of jobs or personas. Female personas, however, can only ask for an exchange, and the other player may refuse the request.